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Fare rules

Whether it's Low Fare, Premium Flex or Premium Flatbed, each fare carries its own set of rules and perks. Just select the best fare type of your choice to have an awesome journey with us.

Low fare:

Date/time change  Yes Up to 48 hours before scheduled departure time.
Subject to any fare difference and change fee (per guest per sector)
Name change No  
Destination change No  
Refunds on fare and add-ons No  
Miss check-in deadline or fail to board No Non-refundable/loss of fare.
Check your itinerary for strict check-in and boarding times.
Travel details changes  Yes Free changes via ‘Manage my booking’ (except name change)
Fees apply for changes at airport counter
Currency   All amounts will be charged in the currency of the departing country
unless selected otherwise.
 Yes Allowed
No Not allowed

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