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Ad space

With the ever growing need to move away from traditional advertising avenues and to maximize your advertising dollars, AirAsia has come up with a unique and effective way to reach a wide spectrum of consumers. Utilising the growing reach of Asia's No. 1 Low Fare Airline, AirSpace Advertising allows you to communicate directly with AirAsia's broad spectrum of passengers, giving you a channel to get your message across effectively.

Inflight magazine

Our lively and colourful travel360 magazine has op-end content, engaging features and a potential readership of...

5,000,000 readership

travel360 is a monthly inflight magazine that is available on every AirAsia aircraft. As an advertiser, you can opt for a one-off advertisement for the month of your choice or go for a 3-, 6- or 12-month multiple insertions to ensure your brand flies the sky for an extended period.

  • Drive brand awareness though Full Page Full Color, Inside Back Cover, Outside Back Cover, Inside Front Cover, Reverse Gatefold and Cover Hijack.
  • Get integrated content with editorial sponsorship in magazine sections such as Spotlight, Prescription, Get a Room, Quick Bites and many more.
  • Build brand and new product awareness through advertorials and product sponsorships.


Unique magazine cover for each country: Global, Thailand, Indonesia, India and Japan

Online and new media


Advertising on airasia.com the easiest way to guarantee millions of eyes on your advertisement:

  • Target customers based on their country of origin with 23 country homepages in 13 languages.
  • Build brand awareness with Homepage Takeover, Mini Leaderboard, ROS, Booking Confirmation and Boarding Pass.
  • Route targeting available on online confirmation pages, PDF itineraries and boarding passes.
  • Engage directly with your consumers via targeted AirAsia's substantial email database.